Do you prefer being close to the beach of Lake of Bolsena, a beach reserved only for the guests?
Do you prefer being close to the charming historical centre of the town of Bolsena?
Do you prefer the rolling green hills with their breathtaking views?
Choose which of our multi-farm locations best meets your preference!

La Fattoria

Eight apartments at 250 mts from the private beach reserved for our guests, with a large free-form 8x16mts swimming pool.
The town of Bolsena is at 2.5 kms from the location.
At the back of the La Fattoria is Parco di Turona, a protected natural park where you can go cycling and jogging along the trails.


Casa Bosco|sleeps: 2

28 m²

agriturismo lago bolsena

Girasole|sleeps: 2

27 m²

agriturismo lago bolsena

Trifoglio|sleeps: 2+2

37 m²

agriturismo lago bolsena

Acacia|sleeps: 2+2


agriturismo lago bolsena

Eucalipto|sleeps: 2+2

40 m²

Arancio|sleeps: 4+1

57 m²

Millefiori|sleeps: 4+2

74 m²

agriturismo bolsena

Castagno| sleeps: 4+3

86 m²

Poggio delle Api

Two large apartments at only 400 mts from Bolsena town centre (easily reachable on foot). The private beach for our guests is at La Fattoria at 3 kms, the public beaches at 1000 mts. The location is in the hilly countryside just above the town, with a panoramic view of the lake. The swimming pool is 6×4 mts.

L’Alveare|sleeps: 4+2

57 m²

Casa Regina

86 m²

Parco di Canuleio|New!

This location was opened only in 2015.
Four apartments. There is a panoramic free-form swimming pool, fed by a salt purification plant, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Bolsena, while the private beach reserved for our guests is at 800 mts at La Fattoria. At the back of the apartments is our 5 hectare woods where the 1st Century monument to the Roman Consul Lucio Canuleio can be seen.
Here you can enjoy jogging or mountain biking along the off-road paths. The town of Bolsena at 2.5 kms.

agriturismo lago bolsena

Corniolo|sleeps: 2+3

50 mq

Casa Natura|sleeps: 4+2

70 m²

Casa Panorama|sleeps: 4+2

70 m²

Casa Verde|sleeps: 4+2

70 m²

Chalet Luna di Miele|New!

Newly opened in 2015,
This lodge is just off the beach, at only 60 mts. The lodge is made using environmentally friendly quality materials and has its own private garden and car park. The quiet and isolated position of the Lodge so near the Lake shore, makes it the ideal place for relaxation. At 150 mts there is the 8×16 mts swimming pool. The town of Bolsena is at 2.5 kms.

Chalet Luna di Miele|sleeps: 2+2

50 m²