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Farming Business

Olive Oil, Honey, Vegetables

Our family roots have always gone deep down in farming. Passion for this land and the ancient knowledge of peasantry, have given rise to our entrepreneurial activity with the name ‘Azienda Agricola Mauro Pagliaccia – Mieleria Antica Etruria’ that has been dedicating to beekeeping, production and sale of honey, the ‘Nectar of the Gods’, for the last 30 years.

We produce a variety of honeys, from the classical mixed flower honey to the monoflora / table honeys: chestnut, heather, sunflower, lindem, honeydew, clover, and acacia.

Experience and expertise gained in the course of the years, knowledge of Nature and the territory of the Colli Volsini, still unspoilt, together with an accurate choice of the methods and times of harvesting, extraction, macro-filtration and decantation of our product, enables us to provide a high quality honey, both for its taste and aroma, extracted and packaged in our laboratory.

Our honey can be found not only in shops selling typical products, in towns of the Lazio and Tuscany Regions, but also abroad, especially in the United Kingdom and in the USA, under the brand-name of a well known British firm that has been our partner for some time. We are one of the few beekeeping farms of the Tuscia that pride their presence also on some international markets.

The land where our farms stand are mainly covered by cultivar olive orchards of the type: leccino, canino, frantoio, moraiolo and maurino, from which a very high quality Extravergin Olive Oil is produced. We are developing new orchards with cultivar olives ‘pendolino’ which enable us to produce an Extra Vergin Olive Oil particularly delicate and fine in taste.

In our farms we also produce seasonal vegetables, giving particular attention to wild fennel, king of the Tuscia Viterbese dishes.

Our mission is to combine experience and traditions to delight your palate.

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