agriturismo lago bolsena


Discover the rural culture and food of Bolsena and its surroundings

The Alta Tuscia with its hill-agriculture whose characteristic element is in the fertile volcanic soils, in terms of commitment to quality of its agri-food products, has nothing to envy to the nearby and more renown Tuscany, of which this territory is the natural ‘continuation’ from a micro-climatic and landscape point of view.

Attached to ancient traditions of the rural culture, the products you will be tasting have often achieved important qualituy awards and certifications.

Extra Vergin Olive Oil : this area has important olive groves, often centuries old, that are a characteristic element of our landscapes, with cultivar of olives such as Leccino, Canino and Moraiolo.

Wines : our territory has an ancient vocation for winemaking and boasts numerous DOC and IGT certifications, and among the best known wines are the famous EST EST EST produced on the hillsides that from Lake Bolsena reach up to the town of Montefiascone; the sweet ALEATICO of Gradoli, the CANNAIOLA of Marta and the ORVIETO CLASSICO, wine of inter-regional production.

Leguminous vegetables : the most important are chickpeas, beans and lentils, mainly grown on the northern shores of Lake Bolsena as far as the border of Tuscany, and the renown potato of Alto Viterbese. ‘Finocchietto’ (wild fennel), asparagus, mushrooms are typical vegetables used in the local cooking.

Hazelnut and chestnuts : are grown in the territory south of Viterbo

Cheeses and cured meats : variety of cheeses, from the soft ricotta to the different pecorino cheeses. Very tasty is the well-known porchetta, as well as the local hams, and varieties of salami such as lonza and coppa.

Sweets : wine donuts, fruit tarts (in particular with the sour cherry found only in this area), sweet ricotta ravioli, the king’s chocolate salami, buns (also known as ‘maritozzo romano’) with or without a filling of fresh cream, hazelnut cookies often eaten with a good glass of sweet wine like Aleatico.

agriturismo lago bolsena
agriturismo lago bolsena
agriturismo lago bolsena

Of course you have to taste the local cuisine based on lake fish, which goes back a long way and appreciated by Popes and poets. The Great Poet Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy places the greedy Pope Martin IV in Purgatory for his passion for the eels of Lake Bolsena:


Unto a leaner fineness than the rest,

Had keeping of the church: he was of Tours,

and purges by wan abstinence away

Bolsena’s eels and cups of muscadel.”

(Dante, Purgatory, Canto XXIV)


Traditional fish recipes:

First course

Sbroscia or Fisherman’s soup (prepared in a terracotta pot with water, mixed lake fish and spices on a bed of sliced local bread)

Tagliolini (egg pasta) in tench broth

Tagliolini (egg pasta) with tench sauce

Main course

Anguilla alla Vernaccia ( Eels in vernaccia wine sauce or cacciatora sauce)

Coregone in salsa verde (fish with typical local recipe)

Fried lattarini

Luccio dalla bolsenese (Pike in the Bolsena style)

Other typical dishes to taste are:

starters: acquacotta , leguminous soups, bruschette, panzanella,

first course: lombrichelli or pici with garlic, pappardelle with hare or boar sauce

main course: porchetta (roasted pork typical of this area), boar stew, lamb, oxtail, tripe, pork liver

sidedishes: patate a porchetta, fagioli del purgatorio, beans with pork rind

Restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias

The nearest to La Fattoria: Ristorante-Pizzeria La Fornacella

On the lake side: Trattoria del Moro, Ristorante, Beach-Bar Pizzeria “Riva Verde”

Historic centre: Trattoria da Picchietto (specialized in lake-fish dishes), Osteria del Contadino

Near Bolsena: Ristorante Il Pirata in Marta

Local Products shops and much more for your journey among taste-arts-crafts: