What to Do

We don’t want to make you get up too early, but if you should , the sun rising from behind the green hills is a natural show not to be missed; so why not also take the opportunity for an early morning walk or jog in the fields or in the woods, a dive in the swimming pool or a swim in the lake …what better way to start your day!.

agriturismo lago bolsena
agriturismo lago bolsena

By now you will be in high spirits, and having used up some of your energies you will want to have a big breakfast in the open of your portico or terrace. If you like freshly baked rolls we will provide you on the spot without having to go to the shops (but only in High Season – summer). After breakfast there is a multitude of things to do.
From our beach you can go out fishing on the lake, surfing, canoeing or swimming and then lie down in the sun or in the shade with a good book. We have a small football field where you can play football, you can play table tennis or bowls, and we rent mountain bikes for your excursions, the routes for mountain biking around the Lake Bolsena are many. You can even go mushroom picking.
In the near town of Bolsena you can also find tennis courts, sailing school, horseriding, waterskiing and diving courses, gyms.
Why not take a boat trip on the lake to the Isola Bisentina – the Bisentine Island, rich in history and natural beauty; you can visit the little towns around the Lake of Bolsena (link), the museums, castles, the numerous archaeological sites of past civilizations, natural parks, and the thermal baths (spa) of the area. These are only some of the things you can do …but there are lots more !

lago bolsena
agriturismo lago bolsena

The coast with its seaside resorts is at only 60 kms. In less than half an hour you pass from our Region, Lazio, to the neighbouring Regions, Umbria and Tuscany, where you can go wine or food tasting, such as cheeses, hams, and local dishes. You can buy their local products and crafts, or go shopping, from the quaint little shops to the big malls or the picturesque street markets.
Through your excursions around this area you will have the opportunity of discovering and enjoying our unspoilt nature: oak and chestnut woods, fields planted with vines or olive trees, natural meadows of many colours and unique panoramic views. On your return in the evening, while the children splash around in the pool or play together on the lawn, you will easily be mesmerized by a particularly beautiful sunset on Lake Bolsena.
You may decide to close the evening having dinner in a restaurant or pizzeria of the area, there are many and all very good, or you may decide eating in the open on the terrace or portico of your apartment….well in this case we can provide you with fresh season vegetables or other products directly from our orchard.
Are you ready to start your holiday?
Mauro, Maria Teresa and Giulio wish in advance to all of you coming as our guests
Sports Activities:
The Lake Bolsena is the ideal place for watersports, while the surrounding hills are ideal for trekking and cycling.
Being Lake Bolsena renown for its fish-rich waters sport fishing is one of the most popular recreational sports, especially carp-fishing.
Other watersports are sailing and windsurfing, canoeing and diving.
If you enjoy hiking and Nature there are numerous paths and trails for cycling and trekking excursions, the most well-know are the Francigena Way, used by the Pilgrims since the Middle Ages to walk to Rome, still used by the modern Pilgrims, and there is the Parco di Turona, with its small waterfalls, centuries-old oaks and archaeological remains. Both these itineraries are easily reachable on foot from our locations La Fattoria and Parco di Canuleio.

Not far from Bolsena are other ideal naturalistic destinations:

– Bosco del Sasseto
– Monti Cimini
– Riserva del Monte Rufeno
– Monte Amiata